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," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> the truth behind the george clooney/stacy keibler breakup headline today. are they over? clooney's camp responds, as stacy talks about the relationship to "e.t." >> i've taken over the entire closet, are you kidding? >>> and miley and her man, under siege. >> what happened with that nightclub fight? was that over liam? >>> and where jessica simpson and her baby just battled the paparazzi horde. >>> the new season of "grey's anatomy." "e.t." is first on the set. and we brought a real life doctor. >> i'm quizzing the cast to see what they really know. you said, i need a purse string in this aorta. >> did i say that? >> use the curling iron thing. >>> kathy
baldwin? matthew modin, where is the march for freedom of expression. streisand, clooney, julie luis dreyfuss, where are you people? hiding under harvey winestein? i know you can. but you know who will be arrested next? kathryn bigelow. she is the maker of "zero dark thirty." in anyone dies because of the end zone dance of death, she i'll have blood on her hends. right, mr. president? >> bob: you know, greg, i want to know who the source was on that video? >> greg: i was the source on that. >> bob: i do this from a public relations standpoint, the worst idea imaginable, i first thought about it and i said probation violation. even if he did, wouldn't you say to yourself i think i'm not going to arrest this guy right you in wait a couple of weeks. >> eric: worse, they perp walked him before they arrested him when think called in for questions. in the middle of the night the l.a. police took him out. >> kimberly: this is america. >> eric: what about bringing him in questions before arresting him. >> andrea: nobody believes it's a probation violation. how many cops do they need for a pr
hard. if you're a democrat, you get to eat with cool people, like george clooney. if you're a republican, you get to shake jon voight's cold lizard hands. [ laughter ] >> now, your harshest words were for republicans who aren't getting behind mitt as the nominee. do you regret those comments? >> you know, i don't. and if you don't mind, i'd like to speak to those critics again tonight. do you really think this would be going better if you had nominated someone else? who? rick santorum? are you thinking you missed the boat this newt gingrich? if you think i'm unrelatable, check out callista. looks like a character. my hair moves. >> very nice. >> it's better than nice, it's freaking awesome. you guys wish ron paul was still running? well guess what, he probably is, because he's a lunatic who doesn't understand how voting works. [ laughter ] and, you know what, if you want rick perry back, it's real easy. you just say his name three times and he'll show up. rick perry, rick perry, rick perry. >> do i get to be president now? >> no, no, rick. no, no. >> oh, you big tease. >>
? her connection to george clooney. and what katie allegedly didn't know. >> there had been a very elaborate auditioning process to find him a soul mate. >>> how the women behind the candidates compare. the speeches. the fashion face-off as michelle's dress designer shares style secrets. >>> kirstie alley weighs in on this season of "dancing with the stars." >> i'm starting of
that george clooney was back on the market. is the world's sexiest man the newest bachelor? we'll tell you the latest on that. >>> plus, we're exclusively revealing who is topping "people" magazine's brand-new best dressed list. >> so a whole lot of fun coming up. but we have serious news that is breaking from overnight in libya. >> the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans have been killed after an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the violence have and at the u.s. embassy in kir roe being fueled by an anti-muslim video made here in the yooits. martha raddatz has been tracking the story all night long. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. this was a brazen attack by about 20 armed militants. they set one of the consulate buildings on fire. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the take in the strong es of terms. so did president obama. >> in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. make no mistake we'll work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> this is an take that should
new trend. >>> also, ladies don't hold your breath. it was being reported that george clooney was back on the market. is the world's sexiest man the newest bachelor? we'll tell you the latest on that. >>> plus, we're exclusively revealing who is topping "people" magazine's brand-new best dressed list. >>> we have serious news that is breaking overnight in libya. >> we're going to begin there. the ambassador to libya and three other americans have been killed after an attack on the consulate in benghazi. the violence there and at the embassy in cairo, is being fueled by an anti-muslim video made here in the united states. and abc's martha raddatz joins us now. martha, what are we learning right now about this situation? >> reporter: josh, president obama has just released a statement calling the attack on the consulate outrageous. and officially announcing the deaths of the four americans, including the beloved ambassador there, chris stevens. this was a brazen, horrific attack by about 20 armed militants. they set one of the consulate buildings on fire. stevens was apparently hit in a
. >> was this actress grilled about her sex life before meeting tom? plus her connection to george clooney. >> i always imagined you to be much more -- >> taller? >> kristen stewart speaks out for the first time. >> let me tell you. this will be big for
clooney or eva is going to speak, they have not appeared on the agenda yet so we won't know if that will happen. i think people are hoping for a big celebrity name and we all love betty white >> maybe they will have a secret weapon at the last minute. >> it is 622, the stanford alum who is creating quite a buzz at the u.s. open >> good news for drivers, the ,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ] ♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. >> the giant state 4.5 games ahead in the national league west >> buster posey tied the game in the ninth inning and then marco not in the winning run in the 10th inning. the giants came from behind to win 9-8. across the bay, the a's winning streak is over. no more, oakland rookie thomas malone gave up five early rounds. everyone is ok after a collision. they lose to the angels 8-3 but oakland is staying one game ahead in the wild-card chase. bob ryan with the play of the day, a former stanford tennis star, the
a republican campaign is so hard. if you're a democrat, you get to eat with cool people like george clooney. if you are a republican, you get to shake john voigt's cold lizard hand. >> reporter: along with that battleground state strategy, the romney campaign is banking on the debates. today in los angeles, the candidate had what are called private meetings, that is often code for debate preparation. david? >> all right, david kerley tonight, david, thank you. >>> you bring up the debates, there and that's the other countdown tonight. just ten days. i want to bring in rick klein tonight, and rick, it's been four years since president obama was on that debate stage. mitt romney had 19 debates in the primary. a lot riding on this for both sides. >> reporter: i'd say advantage romney going into the debates, because he had so much more to gain, not to mention the experience. it is a chance for a big moment, standing toe to toe with the incumbent to take the argument directly to president obama. but one thing worth remembering, david, yes, mitt romney has more experience in this, but he went int
with sarah jessica parker and george clooney. >> some part of the electoral college gets turned off by celebrities telling him what to think about things. >>> simon cowell on why a new "x factor"/"the voice" war just erupted in star watch. >>> plus -- >> rihanna's hair shocker, hours before tonight's vmas. >>> jennifer hudson's new tearful oprah sit-down with her sister. on their family's murders. >> why they're now telling all to lady o. >>> and -- behind the scenes of taylor swift's new ad, as her boyfriend's kennedy cousin gets confronted about their relationship. >> are you listening to any taylor swift songs these day? >> taylor and conor. madonna and jfk jr. the kennedys and hollywood through the years. >>> now from hollywood, "the insider" is on. >>> those kennedy star connections run deep. welcome to "the insider." i'm debbie matenopoulos in for kevin frazier. more from here in hollywood in a moment.
george clooney. this is the ultimate sexy man battle. >> i think i need to get some -- >> wait till you see that. yeah. >>> first, we got to turn to amy robach for the top developing stories of the morning. amy, good morning. >>> good morning, guys. we begin with that would-be teenage terrorist. the fbi said he was determined to set off a bomb in chicago. adel daoud will face charges of trying to use weapons of mass destruction. but that plan was foiled from the start. the bomb was a fake supplied by the fbi as part of a sting. >>> and the mayor of chicago is threatening legal action to get those teachers back to school after they refused to end their week-long strike. both sides appeared to be coming to a deal but then the union said it needed more time to review that proposal. >>> and violent protests have erupted in afghanistan and pakistan against the anti-muslim film produced in california. now the group hezbollah accusing the u.s. officials of protecting the film's producers. u.s. officials expect more protests but say the violence is leveling off. >>> and mitt romney is launching
. charmed them as he smarmed america. then he left us for something better. golf. clooney. man cave. leaving those reporters to rerun to desperate housewives and eating ben & jerry's sobbing. it's too soon to fall in love again. no wonder you're depressed. you can't realize that people like me know love matter. or paul ryan nail the presidency or clint eastwood kills. at least there is still the strip club next to the hilltop where obama's number tanking the on one pole that reporters are still interested in. >> bob: bente better poles than that one. >> greg: we read the articl articles. kind of embarrassing. didn't you feel like -- this is not hardwork. >> andrea: it's not. they are crying. they saided they are uncovering the economy. now that there is not enough drama they could cover the issues going on. it's ironic they complain. think about the primary season they had. republicans were killing each other. now they're pound nothing good news to write about barack obama. what are we going to do now? can't write pull bullying stories anymore. >> eric: it just takes a smile and a wink from
is speaking in my ear. david guggenheim. then you hear clooney talking an you're supposed to feel something. but you just go, oh, not him again. >> kimberly: i did. >> greg: is that the same thing when you hear obama, not like the soaring, you know, oratory rhetoric that you go, it's great. you go i heard this before. like running in to an ex, on street. >> bob: i ran into my ex. >> greg: you ran over your ex. >> bob: scared the hell out of me. >> eric: did you hear in the piece, the movie at the beginning. bill clinton was in there and he said i really respect president obama because he did the same thing i would have done given the chance with bin laden. i heard that, i was like wait a minute. he had the first kill shot at bin laden and gave it up, right? no? no? >> bob: there was not firm enough intelligence on that. i give bush credit for setting up the intelligence that eventually got him. >> dana: but it brings up the commercial that the obama campaign got in a lot of hot water for. that had him at the time if he was president he wouldn't have taken the shot. so it's the undercurrent
was an awesome ship captain, george clooney in "a perfect storm" and what happened to that ship? >> he was awesome. the ship sunk. >> but he was awesome and he was very handful so many. >> and it was a perfect storm. >> and he was a perfect captain. he had too much empathy. remember? he had so much empathy. couldn't save them. >> mitt romney could be em pathetic and not great at showing it. we don't know. we don't see him in private. you guys don't, anyway. well, you can argue that a guy that talks about other people clinging to bitterness to guns and religion. >> that's a good point. >> brooke, i don't know what vee meantly. >> sorry. vee huh meantly. it is nerve-wracking. projected empathy going to the bathroom. it is projected empathy. >> i was not em pathetic when i called you out on that. but then again jobe accused me me -- but then again, nobody accused me. >> did you mention obama's grandmother when she said you would have to great that she will make the most loyal friend? i thought you did. >> i just yelled out grandmother. >> good enough. most people remember. you can get jes
's campaign? it's always calculated. everything about it is calculated. >> dana: do you think george clooney wasn't available? >> bob: i'm sure he wasn't available. >> dana: i think betty white, i don't think for her it would be a good move. she doesn't need to do it. but she is the most popular and well-liked woman in america. she is the most sought after guest on the late night shows. everyone loves her. i think it would be huge for them if the democrats got that one. >> greg: i am amazed how hollywood will find an issue, say it's fracking. every celebrity will have that information on fracking with them. like they all use the same drug dealer who supplies them with 8-ball and talking points at the same time. every single person, i guarantee you, every celebrity will bring up fracking. >> andrea: another issue they keep trying to drill holes, right? >> greg: get out of my hole. get the frac out of my hole. >> bob: that is too close to what i normally say. celebrities don't matter much except to raise money. i don't -- >> dana: do you think oprah matters? >> bob: yes. that mattered in her b
snooki and chocolate milk and george clooney movies but he won't tell us what he's going to do in afghanistan and more relevant he won't tell us what he's going to do with his tax policy. i don't see how you can say that and get away with it. it becomes about him. in the absence of having some sort of tax policy, he comes out and criticizes investing in china within a two-week period of him did i vesting of his own interest in china. that's why the focus has been on his own investments because he's not giving us details about what he's doing for the rest of us. >> michelle, even saturday night live got in on it. watch this. >> paying a 14% tax rate so just a little less than what restaurants add on for parties of six or more. the 14% tax rate that romney paid is less than the 20% paid by the average american. how did he pay such a low rate? he claimed 47% of american as dependents. >> that's a good line, michelle. >> it's so easy to spoof because all of his gaffes and all of his troubles have fed this single narrative which is that he's this very out of touch wealthy guy who ca
." the clooney dinners. i understand you're eye candy. i understand you have your priorities. unfortunately, your priorities don't line up with ours. >> bob: that was very depressing. >> eric: it is depressing. >> bob: okay. >> eric: it is depressing. the man has time for the view and letterman but can't meet with netanyahu or tackle the major issues going on in america: jobs. >> bob: i would venture to say most presidents up for re-election, general assembly of the u.n. in september of election year don't have a lot of bilateral meetings -- >> dana: if you're going to say that, why don't you check it out first. we have polls who do things like that all day. >> bob: i checked in with -- >> dana: so you can say -- >> eric: we checked with the people in the brain room and they tell us for the first time in two decades, a sitting president hasn't met bye laterally with anybody. >> bob: anybody? >> eric: yep. >> andrea: you could answer this. bush at this time in his presidency met with number of countries. >> dana: i didn't deal a lot with the u.n. except for climate change. but they said everybody
george clooney helped president obama race at a fund-raiser earlier this summer, but its $2 million more than what jay-z race for the president recently in new york. it's a positive sign, but we are guessing it does not mean hollywood is, well, throwing over mr. obama and, well, endorsing the romney family values. too bad. well, speaking of liberal hollywood, producers of the block buster movie 2016, obama's america, clamming president obama supporters are sabotaging their movie. they have a good case. creators of the second highest pressing political documentary in history say they had to notify the fbi after someone illegally applauded the movie on youtube over the weekend. there were also false internet rumors that fox is was going to air the fall movie for free. as a result, the film took in less than a million dollars of the weekend, down 27% from the previous weekend. the fbi is investigating. we call the motion picture association of america for, because they have to be concerned about intellectual property rights and trademark of creativity. for some reason they have not gotten b
. >> i agree with you. let's talk about some of our local royalty here in the u.s. george clooney's girlfriend is trying on engagement rings. say it isn't so. the ultimate bachelor is what, going to get hitched now? >> no, i think it's the opposite. i think it's over. that's the kiss of death. it's the kiss of death. when canalis gave an interview to an italian magazine saying she wanted to have kids and married. george got rid of her. and stacey was joking around by getting this big wedding ring. i think she is playing with fire. i think it's going to scare the heck out of george. >> everybody knows by now it's bad luck not to do that. we'll be looking because we know you'll have the scoop first. harvey, we'll see you right here at 6:30. >> let's head over to brian bolter now for a look at what's coming your way next on the news edge at 6:00. hey brian. >> new on the news edge, scammers sentenced, a man defrauding a dozen people who are trying to save their homes goes to jail. and police nab a man minutes before he steps on a plane with a gun. plus, a much longer battery life
of the "the view," nor found in jay-z's nightclub, nor in george clooney house. the author of a brand-new "new york times" bestseller is here. bob woodward. you said this is a moment of maximum peril. you described a president not engaged in terms of relationships to fix the problems he's failed. >> he worked on it, but didn't carry it over the finish line. you have to look at these things not for effort, but for results. and one thing i -- you make the case against him very strong there. one thing i would agree with you on is that it's beyond unsustainable. we have got to -- i mean, people are talking about the fiscal cliff coming. new tax increases, spending cuts and so forth. but the real problem is going to be in february when of necessity, whoever's president, is going to have to go to the congress and say, we need another trillion dollars, maybe $2 trillion in borrowing authority to pay our debts. we have got -- i mean, this is your conservative message which people should -- whether they agree with you or not -- >> sean: this is real. >> this is real. we are on a spending binge. somethi
. it raises the question where does obama get intel, from the media matters home page? georggeorge clooney's colorist? >> eric: sorry i stepped on the line, greg. bob would have us believe that the c.i.a. knew, the f.b.i. knew, no one in the white house knew. carney, obama, hillary clinto clinton. >> andrea: so that is a worse argument, bob. everybody knew except susan rice, hillary clinton and president? then we shouldn't re-elect them. i want to build on something else you said. f.b.i. isn't even on the ground. i have a theory. why is the f.b.i. involved at all? this isn't a bank robbery. it's an act of war. i think the administration is using the f.b.i., under investigation, as a stonewall. under investigation equals stonewall. anytime anyone asks what is going on, they say it's under investigation. tell you after the election. >> kimberly: she's right. >> bob: f.b.i. is always the agency that integs these things overseas because it happened on u.s. property. that's why. it's right. >> eric: they say it's not safe enough to be on the ground. remember when the libyan interim president sa
and their the employees. you know, if you look back, sarah jessica parker, george clooney, and have the wake of all these people raise money for president obama. where are they today? i mean, our people trawling the streets of charlotte looking for these folks? >> they ought to be. there no-shows'. so long ago, much intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for allusion is deep. these people have invested themselves in said this man's philosophy and to this campaign. now that they seek to my you know, that it's not going quite so well, they are trying to what this thing backwards before it goes over the cliff. the illusion -- i mean, we are looking behind the curtain to seek that the wizard is not really all he was cracked up to be. there are seeing it. the rats and leaving the sinking ship. gerri: you know what, i just realized, you're wearing a pinstripe suit. if you were not doing what you were doing you would be on wall street, i think. gerri: well, i started to wear a little tan suit and a blue shirt and i thought, this is business, and this is serious. sometimes you have me on h
clooney, watch out. the movie was profound and had a big impact on my. coming up, more with our focus group of voters, featured in the brand-new movie. they are going to explain what they think is happening to their hard-earned money as this special edition of haupt continues. -- "hannity" continues. >> pay rent or eat. >> sean? >> have water tonight or a roof over your head. >> i am working twoions. >> a lot of us are working very hard. and i am wonder figure obama is [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with 0% apr for 60 months? oh yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering. to get your new volkswagen. ♪ atmix of en
you with sara jessica parker and george clooney? you're not the person i thought you were. it's not me. it's you. >> in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class. >> nbc news deputy political editor, obviously those are web ads. the others will hit the tv very soon in battleground states. this is the next level of the game after the conventions. >> yeah, like you said, tamron, $4.5 million is going up now that the romney campaign is buying up in eight battleground states. in three key states, virginia, florida, ohio, almost $1 million there they're spending. where is this election coming down to? no question about it. you at those three states, that's what the romney campaign sees. despite the pick of paul ryan from wisconsin, no advertising in wisconsin, no advertising in michigan, no advertising in pennsylvania. really quite striking. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll talk with you tomorrow. and when he takes the stage tonight, president obama will certainly try to rekindle enthusiasm that swept the nation only four years ago. the 200
de niro set the tone, gaining 60 pounds for the film "raging bull." george clooney and rene zellweger packed on the extra pounds for their movie roles. tom hanks melted it off twice for "philadelphia" and for "castaway." and in "the black swan," mila kunis and natalie portman, both already slim and trim, lost weight to portray ballerinas. >> stars lose weight for their roles because physically if you're going to meet this character you have to do it. oftentimes when award season comes around, you are rewarded for it. >> reporter: that dedication can border on dangerous. christian bale lost 65 pounds to portray an emaciated insomniac in "the machinist." 50 cent lost an immense amount of weight for a movie role as a football player battling cancer. for "les miserables," anne hathaway had to lose 25 pounds quickly for her role. she usualed fans not to copy her and said she was under the guidance of a nutritionist. health experts agree, saying the risks of losing too much too fast are the same for everyone. >> extreatment dieting should not be taken lightly. you cause yourself hair loss,
like the land clooney fought the family members over in "the descendants." plus, larry ellison just bought the hawaiian island of lanai. maybe somebody wants to buy dole's acreage to keep up with the ellisons. we have a ellison style transaction, and that gets dole to $21.76 cents. here is the bottom line. i'm not saying dole is going to go to 21 over night. the company may not even be able to get there at all. but i am saying dole's assets are worth a heck of a lot more than the market is giving them credit for. i believe the time to buy is now. this is not about being bullish on bananas, it's about recognizing a clearly undervalued company that is at last getting its house in order. let's go to marie in kansas, please. marie? >> caller: yes, jim. as you know, we've been stricken with droughts here in the midwest. and i'm wanting to know what you think of conagra, cag. buy, sell, or hold? >> i think it's okay. it's got a good dividend to pay to wait for some sort of value to be brought out. the brands are just okay. but i'm never going to snarl at a pay to wait situation. let's go
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